Goal: To create images that not only talk but also sing; that not only walk but dance.

I achieve a certain ambiance with each piece so it takes on a characteristic of it’s own. Art becomes a unique object when technique and process are undetectable. My art comes alive when this happens. The content of my work is equally, and often more important than the process. The images I create represent the truth of what is real for me. The visual imagery I choose symbolizes meaningful Ideas. I want to achieve the highest quality piece of art both visually and emotionally. I started this body of work in 1986 in Maryland, after being influenced by my studies in England at the Winchester School of ART. This marked an important turning point in my career as a fine artist and is the core of the artwork I create today.

-Pamela Jablonski

Pamela Jablonski Fine Art and Restoration offers Antique Restoration/Conservation services, Commissioned Paintings and Giclee prints for sale, decorative in home painting as well as a myriad of artist’s related service.

I am currently offering private art lessons in your home or studio with focus on oil and acrylic painting as well as working with encaustic. Whatever medium you wish to experiment with (oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, pastel) I can help guide you with my 30+ years experience.

I have taught young children, helping them get a good start early in life. Generally talent or interest in art shows up about 8 years old. I work with children 8+ years old.
Note:** Parents should consider that studying the arts can help to enhance creative thinking/writing skills as well as promote higher level of understanding and intelligence in general.

Private lessons are available for Adults as well and I welcome all levels of interests and talent. My goal is to open your mind to the potential of your talent and help you to reach inside and open your heart to wonders and satisfaction that creating art can offer.

Antique Restoration/conservation classes (focusing on porcelain, ceramic, hydrocal, wood and gilding) will be available in the near future. Private lessons are available for this as well.

Please contact Pamela Jablonski for details.


Fine art and restoration by Pamela Jablonski experienced antique conservator restorer 25 years talented visual artist located in Sarasota Bradenton area available by appointment only pickup and delivery commissioned oil paintings.

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