Alphabet-Tarot Reading

Alphabet-Tarot Reading

For many years now, I have been using this system and sharing it with hundreds of individuals. Although I personally have used the insight I have gained with the interpretations using the ALPHABET TAROT™,  this system is for entertainment purposes ONLY.

Many users agree it is great fun and I have come back for readings of the friends or for newborn names etc. I have done several outdoor events and art shows where I have done (in person) readings (one on one) as well as many (what I call) Nomenology Reports.

Alphabet Tarot c. 2004-2005 by Pamela Jablonski mixed media encaustic on board 48in X 60in

Here is short explanation of the rules and how this works:


  1. Spell your name using the letters of the English Alphabet. Each letter and it’s placement in the name, whether it’s the first, middle or surname tells something significant about the individual. Also a “nickname” can reveal additional information about the character as well.
  2. the Letters in the beginning or on the end of a name represent strong aspects of the personality. For example: the name “John” has a “J” in the beginning and “n” on the end. The “J” represents a very strong aspect of The personality and “leads” this person’s character. The “n” represents an aspect of the personality that “completes” or “ties together” this person’s character in some way.
  3. The first name represents the more obvious aspects of the personality. A nickname can give even more information and add to the meaning of the first name. the middle name represents aspects of the personality that are important but may not be obvious (hidden characteristic tendencies). The Last name represents where the personality is “coming from”, your background or something that is a part of you in some way, i.e. characteristic tendencies regarding lessons learned from your childhood that are important today.

Choose from a Basic Reading or Advanced Reading. **

  • The Basic Reading consists of interpretation of three names (FIRST, MIDDLE, and LAST) printed on heavy weight paper with ALL NAMES spelled out with ALPHABET TAROT™ Art Letters and written interpretation for each name.- This one page hard copy or CD available by mail or online (postage not included). (To see sample Reading –

$75(US) plus postage.

  • The Advanced Reading is available and includes The Basic Reading PLUS interpretation of a nick name OR a ‘Maiden’ Name/hyphenated name. the interpretation is more involved and includes a slightly more in depth interpretation.- This is a two page hard copy report or CD available by mail or online (postage not included).

$100(US) plus postage.

ADD $35(US) for both hard copy and flash drive.